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If you care about your diet, and you appreciate quality ingredients, order a pizza, pasta or Parmta from Chatty Vespa.

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We only create our pizzas with the finest ingredients.

18-hour slow roasted lamb…

Fresh pasta made daily…

Zero additives or mystery ingredients

Our chicken, ham, salami and prawns all come from local producers who we know and trust.

Everything is 100% chemical-free and farmed or grown free-range.

We are uncompromisingly particular about giving you the healthiest, safest and most delicious pizza you will EVER eat.

So much so…. That Chatty Vespa just won an award from the City of Stonnington for exceptional food safety practices.

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Pizza Delivery South Yarra

Looking for the best pizza South Yarra and the best pasta South Yarra has ever had to offer? Then come on down to Chatty Vespa for a time your taste buds won’t regret. The secret to our most mouth-watering pizza is the fresh dough and secret blend of spices.

The Best Pasta in South Yarra

To make the dough, our chefs like to obsess over the ingredients. They’re not satisfied ‘til they have the best quality. Our young chefs loved to watch their grandmothers put together the most delicious Italian meals. Now they put the same passion into the food they cook for us at the Chatty Vespa, an Italian restaurant South Yarra can be proud of. Overall, it’s a rather simple recipe made with loving care and attention.

The Best Pizza in South Yarra

There are only five things that go into making the best dough, and one of them is water. Most pizza chefs will never understand the importance of the right quantity and temperature of water. You have to step inside the kitchen to see how carefully our chefs boil the water to the right temperature and fill it into the perfect cup measurement before gently sprinkling it over the flour.

The Best Italian Restaurant in South Yarra

The flour, meanwhile, has to be worth a gold medal. But of course, only the best will do for Chatty Vespa!

The yeast is dry and active. The type of yeast we use at the Chatty Vespa is a family secret that’s been handed down over the generations. It’s what lets us offer the most stunning pizza South Yarra and the most delicious pasta South Yarra has ever tasted.

The Quickest Pasta Delivery in South Yarra

Finally, a few drops of olive oil gives our Italian food South Yarra a traditional flavour you won’t find anywhere else.

This same attention to detail and loving care goes into all of the food we prepare at the Chatty Vespa. From our special Naughty Nutellow desserts to our creamy Fettuccine pesto, our trademark style and ingredients will not be forgotten. All the meat used is marinated in a special mixture of spices and fresh herbs overnight, before being cooked ‘til the meat is juicy and tender.

The Quickest Pizza Delivery in South Yarra

What Italian meal is complete without a hearty drink to go with it? We offer a range of organic drinks and delicious beers. We believe you haven’t had a satisfying experience ‘til you’ve tasted a piping hot lasagna with a chilled, crisp cider.  Want to relax in your home with that? No problem, Chatty Vespa delivery drivers offer the most gentle food delivery South Yarra can imagine.

Come in and Vist Chatty Vespa Italian Restaurant in South Yarra

Come over and say ‘Hi’. Drop into our South Yarra pizzeria and we’ll pamper you with the most delicious food, the most intoxicating beer, and the most pleasant smiles you’ll ever see.

Don’t worry if you live too far or can’t make it to the restaurant. We deliver across South Yarra. Give us a call to tell us what you need and we’ll be there before you hang up the phone. We offer the most efficient pizza delivery South Yarra and pasta delivery South Yarra has ever seen!

Don’t forget, Chatty Vespa is the best Italian restaurant South Yarra has to offer, see you soon for a fresh bite of Italian goodness.

Chatty Vespa Italian Restaurant Prahran is so good, that it’s also considered the best Italian restaurant in Windsor, the best Italian restaurant in Toorak and the best Italian restaurant in South Yarra.

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