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So much so…. That Chatty Vespa just won an award from the City of Stonnington for exceptional food safety practices.

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Pizza Delivery Windsor

When it comes to food, we believe the Italians have a gift they’ve been kind enough to share with us. At Chatty Vespa, we’re so infatuated with this delicious cuisine; we’ve spent years trying to introduce it to the local palette.

The Best Pasta in Windsor

This means we have had to take a unique approach to pizza and pasta. Our own special twist has made this a unique Windsor pizzeria.  The menu offers the sort of fare you won’t get anywhere else. From the Fettuchini Creamy Pesto to the gorgeous lasagna, we’re the sort of Italian restaurant Windsor has been waiting for.

The Best Pizza in Windsor

Walk up and down the high street and you’ll find many restaurants selling the Italian food Windsor has grown accustomed to. Our team has spent years studying the traditional recipes and pizza baking methods from the very best Italian chefs. After all, it’s not easy coming up with the best pizza Windsor and best pasta Windsor could imagine. We make sure the quality is top-notch before we arrange the best pasta delivery Windsor can imagine.

The Best Italian Restaurant in Windsor

Our home-grown experts know how to stick to the traditional pizza Windsor and pasta Windsor recipe and appeal to local tastes at the same time. They pick out the very best ingredients, from the wheat flour to the special toppings, and add it to a menu that’s constantly evolving.

Our obsession with classy Italian food doesn’t stop with pizza. We also have a pasta and parma expert on hand to prepare dishes that are a slice of heaven. Take the Spaghetti and Meatballs for example; this dish will probably remind you of your grandmother’s home cooked meals.

The Quickest Pasta Delivery in Windsor

Here’s what goes into making the perfect Spaghetti and Meatballs:

  • We start by creating meatballs from the meat mince. Combining the meat mince with garlic and a secret blend of herbs gives it that special kick of flavour.
  • Then a large saucepan is heated before we pour in a few drops of healthy olive oil.
  • We fry the onions ‘til they’re golden brown, add some garlic, tomatoes, and stock to create the delicious sauce.
  • The fresh spaghetti needs to be soaked in the saucepan for at least ten minutes before we can add it with the pan-fried meatballs.

The Quickest Pizza Delivery in Windsor

It’s a simple recipe that we’ve perfected over the years. While the broad strokes have been handed down over the generations, we’ve added our own spices and flavours to the mix to make it truly ours.

Besides the spaghetti and pizza, we offer a broad range of organic drinks, delicious desserts, and alcoholic beverages. We’re the best Italian restaurant Windsor has ever had.

Come visit us in Windsor. It’s easy to find us. Just follow the scent of freshly oven-baked pizza ‘til you see the Chatty Vespa signboard.  Hop in and try a traditional parma chicken with a chilled bottle of crisp cider.

Come in and Vist Chatty Vespa Italian Restaurant in Windsor

If you can’t come over, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a fine fleet of delivery scooters. Our delivery guys know their way around and are determined to get you your order before the beer gets warm or the pizza goes cold. We’ve got the fastest pizza delivery Windsor has ever witnessed. Don’t forget Chatty Vespa offers the best food delivery Windsor can count on.

Chatty Vespa Italian Restaurant Prahran is so good, that it’s also considered the best italian restaurant in Windsor, the best italian restaurant in Toorak and the best italian restaurant in South Yarra.

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